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TWO OUR TEAM. OUR NUMBERS AND THE BOTTLING PLANTS Our winery has a storage capacity of 45,000 hectoliters, in autoclaves, for the production of sparkling wines and spumanti, and 35,000 hectoliters in vats and steel tanks. Contri Spumanti S.p.A. has always kept in step with the times, and has a modern and innovative laboratory, where a team of expert and specialized persons works, day after day, in our leading-edge chemical, biological and oenological departments. Those who work with us feel like a family; we work at a hectic pace here, but with a smile on our lips. It’s a good place to work: five of our colleagues have earned a gold medal from the Chamber of Commerce, because they were hired as their first job at our company and have collaborated continuously, until they retired! Currently, our company has three completely automatic and flexible bottling lines, for the different formats of bottles and packaging systems: in two lines, 12,000 and 18,000 bottles of sparkling wines and spumanti are produced every hour; the third bottling line, with an output of 10,000 bottles per hour, is dedicated to the production of still wines. The lines are highly flexible formats of bottles and packaging systems. From 2012 to meet the demands of market, our company has set up a line for Bag in Box 3 liter and 2,5 liter.

LOGISTICS. Special attention is also focused on logistics, especially on the large-scale retail distribution, because we feel the quality of service is essential in order to guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers. For this purpose, the current logistics center of 6,500 square meters will be enlarged in 2013, to reach 15,000 square meters.

Every phase of the production and bottling cycle are followed by our staff and some specific steps are subject to strict controls by automatic systems. Our company works with a guaranteed quality system that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standards/VISION 2000 Edition and is certified on the basis of the I.F.S.  (International Food Standard) and the B.R.C. (British Retail Consortium) standards.


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Italy, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia, The United Kingdom, France, The Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Slovak Republic, Denmark, Brazil, U.S.A., Slovenia, China, Bulgaria, Cipro, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Japan, Romania, Belgium, Albania, Kenya, Macedonia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, Croatia, Mexico, Benin Republic, Latvia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Luxembourg, San Marino Republic, Ghana, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, El Salvador, Angola, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan.



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