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Our company is certified ISO14001: 2015
and responsibly, every day it continues to commitment to manage our activities on the environment around us, and to pursues the objectives set, despite events of this difficult period historic.

The indispensable resources for our manufacturing processes are energy, materials, and water, they have seen the adoption of processes and rigorous verification procedures and protocols that have led us toward a constant reduction of non-hazardous waste, integration of energy sources and management of processing waste.

What are we doing for each of them?

Energy Consumption:

We have installed and we are activating a second photovoltaic system in our Modena factory. It will allow us to produce energy from renewable sources equal to 70% of our total consumption.

Non-hazardous waste:

Regarding the production of waste, we distinguish them into hazardous and non-hazardous.

In recent years, we have committed to reduce both productions, so too much that in 2021 for non-hazardous waste we have gone from 9.77 kg per 1000 bottles produced to 9.63 and we will expect to improve further by 2022, for reaching to 8.44.

Discharges in water:

For discharges in water, the two production factories are equipped with MBR biological purifiers that allows us to avoid to pollute groundwater and sewers. The purifiers are monitored monthly by external accredited laboratories, alongside our internal weekly checks, which allows us to prevent any malfunctions.

In fact, in 2021 and in 2022 we didn't have any emergency situations to due to the blockage or malfunction of the purifiers or to failure to achieve complete purification of the wastewater and an emergency team was set up capable to intervene in an emergency, even if it done hasn't been necessary to use it, thanks work does until now.

Seen, the current difficult situation, known to all, we have done our best and we will continue to do it.

For the future, we are carrying out an expansion of the Via Molini site, it will increase and modernize production, but always with attention to the environment.

Also, we are installing a new photovoltaic system to aim to produce renewable energy.

So many challenges are still awaiting us in the near future, and we are preparing ourselves daily to face them.

080701 Articolo sull'ambiente Rev.230920 PGA740-ISO14001
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