Contri Spumanti

Dedicato - Selezione Spumanti

Dedicato - Selezione Spumanti

  • Brand:Confezioni/Boxes
  • Typology:Sparkling wine
  • Color:White
  • Denomination:Wine without IGT/DOC
  • Quality:---
  • Bottle:Cuvée Luciano ( 75 cl )
  • Alcohol Content:---
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VERTICAL BOX WITH TWO BOTLLES containing two sparkling wines 


1 bottle x Vino spumante bianco BRUT Grand Cuvée

COLOUR: Brilliant straw yellow. Fine and persistent perlage. - BOUQUET: In the nose is fragrant and harmonic, with pleasant fruity notes of apple, floral scents of withe flowers. - TASTE: Full and fresh in the palate, slightly acid and fruity. In the mouth it is dry with a pleasant almond after taste. - FOOD PAIRING: A very versatile proposal: perfect as an aperitif, the dry and full taste is excellent for any meal time, excluded desserts. Particularly suited to accompany appetizers, risotto, white meat, shellfish, raw or fried fish. Suggested with fresh cheeses, soft to medium-seasoned.


1 bottle x Vino spumante bianco DOLCE Grand Cremée

COLOUR: Brilliant straw yellow. Fine and persistent perlage. - BOUQUET: Intense and pronounced sweet, with fruity hints of melon, yellow peach and pleasant notes of exotic fruits and honey. - TASTE: In the mouth sweetness tend to predominate, although compensated by a good acidity. It leaves a recognisable sweet sensation of ripe yellow fruits and honey. - FOOD PAIRING: The ideal matching with desserts are sweet wines. Cakes, tarts, spoon-desserts and chocolate preparations, need the right acidity, liveliness and sweetness of a sparkling wine. Pay attention that the wine doesn't have to be less sweet than the dessert or it will appear weak itself.



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